WOODEX LTD. is a modern company producing Еuro pallets EPAL, American type of pallets STRINGER, any types of pallets with sizes requested by the customer, and other wooden packages. The company produces wood paneling, wooden floor, baseboards, laths, picture frames, and others. The production capacity per month is 20 000 EPAL EURO PALLETS or more than 35 000 other types of pallets, wooden grates and packages.  


The company owns transport means and modern production plants, as the total area of the production hall is 3000 sq. m. WOODEX works with modern machines for processing, nailing and heat treatment, which are: 


technological line ending with multiple circular saw STORTI MULTIBI 18 C 2 х 75 KW for sawing wood;

Европалети– EPAL, палети, бокс – палети, скари, сандъци и други опаковачни продукти с размери заявени от клиента

·  two modern high-performance production lines STORTI model GSI 150 AL and VECTOR type LDPV for hydraulic nailing, labeling, corner cutting of the 4 corners, chamfering the head bottom boards and stacking the pallets in two. The production lines for hydraulic nailing of pallets produce EPAL pallets, pallets CP3, pallets Eur3, pallets STRINGER and pallets with non-standard sizes;




Машина за изработка на палета и боксове



WOODEX LTD. owns a precise machine LMC model Smartmac – 523S (U) for production of paneling, wooden floor, baseboards, laths, picture frames and others.

· Three Kiln Drying Chambers, two of which manufactured by the Italian company DE NARDI, which meet in full the requirements of STANDART  ISPM 15 / НТ for Heat Treatment of pallets and wooden material.  


Сушилна камера Denardi


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